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Area Mapping

Through the use of UAV (drone) technology we can provide a management tool that can be used in a targeted and bespoke fashion to achieve specific outcomes which can help inform future management decisions on the ground.

Whilst there are a range of tasks that UAV’s are currently used for, when it comes to land management, the sky really is the limit.

Canopy can build a service around your specific needs and deliver a quality and professional product which provides you with the added information and data required to allow you to achieve your desired results.

CAA Operational Authorisation (OA) - UAS11285.​​


  • High resolution aerial imagery and 4K video

  • 3D modelling of landscapes and structures

  • Mapping of tree pests and diseases such as Ash Dieback

  • Analysis of plant health through the use of VARI and NDVI software applications

  • Identification and scope of recent operations such as tree felling, open ground management or planting

  • Production of digital terrain and elevation models

  • Identification of vegetation types and species mapping

  • Survey and mapping of development sites

Visit Canopy UAV to find out more information about our drone services.

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